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At Unitech Builders Corp, we recognize the unique intricacies of your business, and our commitment is to align with your vision. As your dedicated partner, we collaborate closely to actualize your construction needs within your established budgets. Our proficient team, including architects, engineers, and designers, stands ready to meet your goals with precision.

From property location to project turnover, we aim to be your singular point of contact, ensuring seamless coordination. At the core of our services is the understanding that successful construction projects demand a seasoned general contractor. Unitech Builders Corp brings forth a team of experienced professionals adept in every facet of construction.

commercial general Contracting

As an established general contractor in South Florida, we take pride in its specialization in overseeing and managing diverse commercial construction projects, encompassing government, residential, educational, hospitality, retail, healthcare, and more.

Our extensive expertise ensures the smooth and efficient execution of projects, emphasizing a commitment to excellence. The selection of the right general contractor is a critical factor in the success of commercial construction endeavors, and Unitech Builders Corp emerges as a dependable choice with a history of delivering high-quality completions.

Our comprehensive turnkey general construction services cater to every phase of your project, encompassing meticulous design planning through to the final finishing touches. Entrusting your project to our seasoned team provides not only peace of mind but also access to high-quality services, guaranteeing that your completed property is not only structurally robust but also a lucrative investment. Contact our team today for your consultation.

south florida construction management

Unitech Builders Corp excels as a skilled general contractor, orchestrating experienced professionals to manage every construction aspect meticulously. Our construction management team acts as the nucleus, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, ensuring effective communication, and a unified goal of timely, budget-friendly project delivery. Meticulous project planning, site evaluations, and feasibility analyses are the cornerstones of our approach, optimizing resource allocation and minimizing potential delays.

Our construction management experts employ proven cost control strategies, monitor expenses, and implement value engineering for optimal cost-efficiency without compromising project integrity. Serving as your general contractor, we simplify project communication, offering premium commercial property management services alongside contracting. Our approach ensures streamlined processes, timely delivery, and superior project outcomes, reflecting your vision and standards.

Owners Representation

Navigating the intricate landscape of capital projects demands a dedicated ally, and Unitech Builders Corp stands as a formidable advocate throughout your project’s lifecycle. From due diligence to closeout, we passionately represent your interests, fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders. Our role extends beyond managing workflow; we empower you with insights into options and implications, enabling informed and confident decision-making.

In true partnership, we delve into understanding your business and unique needs, crafting a comprehensive plan that transcends budget and schedule considerations. As an extension of your team, we bring essential resources, bandwidth, and experience to oversee every project facet effectively. Proactively anticipating challenges, we plan for the unexpected, ensuring seamless progress, managing costs, schedules, and mitigating risks. Our approach ensures improved visibility, timely reporting, enhanced decision-making, increased accountability, and efficient project control for successful outcomes.